The Worst Cover Songs of All Time

“Let It Be,” “Smells Like Teen Spirit,” and “Comfortably Numb” like you’ll hopefully never hear them again.

Getting together and jamming with pals—it’s fun. Not everyone can be a rock star, but there’s no law against starting a band and playing some covers. But maybe there should be: check out this parade of eye-opening, and ear-harming, ‘music.’

“THE FINAL COUNTDOWN,” originally by EUROPE It’s hard to pin down this unknown combo’s greatest achievement: is it the song’s signature synth sound, which sounds like it came out of a Happy Meal bag? Or is it the comically out of tune vocal, which holds steady as it waits for the rest of the instrumentation to come back into key with it? Or is it the lo-fi guitar and bass fuzz that lives about a million miles away from the original version’s arena gloss? It’s the first option. Or maybe the second. Or possibly the third. Or…

“THE FINAL COUNTDOWN,” originally by EUROPE Bands really like to butcher this song. Check out the bassist that looks and shuffles about like Pearl Jam’s Jeff Ament. Fortunately, it’s not Ament. (It isn’t, right?)

“LET IT BE,” originally by THE BEATLES Ever wondered how the Beatles would have turned out if, instead of four lovable moptops from Liverpool, they’d have been a uniformed quartet assigned to a Soviet vessel? Wonder no more! Best vocal moment? Hard to choose, but the Swedish Chef-esque ‘whisper words of wisdom’ at 1:45 might be it. And check out the crowd at 1:15: they are going absolutely apeshit.

“COMFORTABLY NUMB,” originally by PINK FLOYD When does this version begin? You think they’re just tuning up, and then, out of nowhere: ‘Hello, hello, hello, is there anybody IN there?’ For those who’ve fantasized about hearing the guys down at Jiffy Lube cover Floyd. Don’t miss the searing solo at 2:10, complete with audience laughter.

“SMELLS LIKE TEEN SPIRIT,” originally by NIRVANA Yes, they’re just kids, so slack should be cut, but still—you can’t help wondering if perhaps hair metal should have won.

“IRON MAN,” originally by BLACK SABBATH Holy crap, these guys need a new drummer—where’s this band’s manager? It actually sounds like the original for the first few seconds, but then—BAM! It gets bad, fast. Ozzy must be rolling over in whatever coffin he’s in right now.