Wrestler Uses Only His Penis for Astonishing Finishing Move

Learn how the most devastating maneuver in sports entertainment was born. 

Joey Ryan is an All-American man, a dick-dangling wrestler committed to the art of sleaze. Currently plying his trade in Japan, Ryan is all over the internet today for a unique move he whipped out on his opponent during a late November match.


Mesmerizing, isn’t it? To understand the genesis of this move, one must first understand Ryan and his opponent Danshoku Dino. Both, Ryan tells Vice Sports, are “sexual characters.” Dino happens to “very homoerotic to say the least.” One of Dino’s go to moves, its turns out, is grabbing his opponent’s junk and watching him writhe in pain and discomfort.

But when he and Ryan we mapping out the match above, Dino had an idea. “He says ‘Maybe I grab, maybe you no sell, because American cock so big and so strong,'” Ryan told Vice. The rest is on the tape and on this t-shirt that you can buy right now for $17.99.

And people say American exceptionalism is dead.