Wrestling Legend and Road House Actor Terry Funk Thinks Ronda Rousey’s Remake Is “Bulls**t”

Sounds like he wishes he was in it too. 

Remember that scene in Road House when Patrick Swayze is getting pummeled by townie thugs and Sam Elliot saves his ass by waving around his fists and feet? Professional wrestling legend Terry Funk does. He plays the goatee’d goon going to town on Swayze’s midsection before getting punched out by Elliot.

It’s because of that tour-de-force performance that Funk was recently asked to opine on the Road House remake, starring former UFC champion Ronda Rousey. After appearing to not be aware of the movie and taking issue with his own exclusion, Funk offered this nuanced take. 

Pretty cranky, huh? And also pretty drunk. But that’s Funk’s shtick these days. He’s a cantankerous old asshole and people love him for it. This guy’s 71 and he’s every bit the wild-eye maniac he was when he started wrestling 50 years ago. Hell, just a few weeks ago he was going nuts in a Cleveland gym, tossing around pizza boxes like it was 1970. 

The guy’s immortal. A dick, sure, but immortal. We say let him have his last hurrah in the new Road House, as long as it end with Rousey round housing him in the head.  

Photos by Jeff Bottari / Zuffa LLC / Getty Images