Wu-Tang Clan Will Release Just One Single Copy of Their New Album

If you’ve got millions in cash and good taste in hip-hip, we’ve got an album for you.

In a time where recording artists will do just about anything to ensure that their album sells lots of (or let’s be real, any) copies, invincible hip-hop mavens The Wu-Tang Clan are changing the game once again. The group’s new double album, which has been in the works for almost 15 years, will be released imminently, but with a catch. There will only be one single copy sold.

Named The Wu – Once Upon A Time In Shaolin, it will be packaged in a silver and nickel box that’s been hand-engraved by artist Yahya, but the real value – and it’s expected that the price tag will be in the millions – is in the 31-track, 2+ hour record inside. There are many possibilities as to who may purchase the record; a press-hungry brand, a record company who considers it an advance, or a really huge and stupidly rich Wu-Tang fan.

But before anyone shells out the cash, the album will go on tour through festivals, museums, and expositions where anyone (yes, even you!) can listen to it. That is, after you shell out $30-$50, are patted down for recording devices, and strap on a pair of their headphones.

The group was inspired by Jay-Z’s deal with Samsung on his last album, in which he sold a million copies to them to leak to their users early, but they are taking that idea to the next level. Whatever the mainstream fate of this album, it could have far-reaching implications for the future of album releases. But hey, it’s just another day of Chessboxin’ for the Wu.