Watch the First Trailer for the X-Files Revival and Try to Tell Us Aliens Don’t Exist

We want to believe.

We’ve known for a while that there’s an X-Files revival coming in January 2016, which is why we’ve been constantly revisiting that buried desktop folder we titled “Scully Skeptical Face jpgs” back in 2002.

But Fox is not giving us much information about the six-episode revival, so we’ve had to glean what we can from various shadowy teasers. They did, however, just release a full trailer, as well as two promos during Monday night TV spots, which you can watch below.

Here’s what we’ve figured out so far:

  • The pantsuits are less boxy.
  • Mulder still believes in aliens. He’s also still very dramatic, based on the shot of him tearing up his “I Want to Believe” poster with his feet. Symbolism, y’all. 
  • Scully, or rather, Gillian Anderson, seems to be aging in reverse. This would make a great X-Files episode in and of itself.
  • The Smoking Man is back, and he hasn’t switched to American Spirits yet.
  • Our man Agent Skinner grew a beard, and it’s the real star of the revival.

Damn. I mean, damn