Xbox One Fulfills Our Football Fantasies

Taking roto to the next-gen.

When the Xbox team invites your fantasy football league to their insanely cool NYC loft to watch the Sunday games on Xbox One and have a few beers, the only correct response is “yes, please.”

Our visit didn’t just include hands-on time with Xbox One games like Forza 5 or Killer Instinct, but a nice introduction into the Xbox One’s partnership (ESPN and Yahoo fantasy should be available on the Xbox One by next season), where all of the teams and rosters of our league were carried over. At any given point during the day we were able to rotate in our fantasy league’s matchups and scores, the games on broadcast TV, highlights of individual players and, most importantly, Red Zone. In many cases, we had a bunch of these on the screen at once.

Of course, we had to make sure that worked on the Xbox One while we were there (it does, via the Xbox’s web browser,) and that led us to the 2014 Hometown Hottie Touchdown Video Challenge, which inspired us to make our own video:

Yeah, that happened. Stop looking at us like that.