Dead Woman Uses Obituary To Throw Posthumous Shade at A-Rod

At least she wasn’t alive to see Tuesday night’s game. 

There are a few things we know New Rochelle, New York native Helen Fowler based on her September 30th obituary in the New Jersey Star-Ledger. Fowler was 85 at the time of her passing, the mother of two, grandmother of five and hardcore Yankee fan. Unless you’re talking about A-Rod. Helen hated A-Rod. It says so right there in the obit.

Ouch. Sucks for A-Rod to be so hated that a woman’s dying wish is to neg him in her obit. Sucks even more for Helen’s husband Charles, though. The dude who was married to her for 54 years but couldn’t get a shout out before the baseball player his wife hated most. Come on Helen. You could have done better.

Photos by Rich Schultz / Getty Images