Is This The Year’s Craziest MMA Fight?

These MMA fighters are really in sync.

These MMA fighters are really in sync.

The outcome MMA fans look forward to above all others is a knockout. We can all agree on that, yes? Fuck tap-outs, decisions, and disqualifications. We want decisive conclusions to our bloodsports. So how awesome must it have been for the fans at the Galaxy Fight Night bout between Aaron Britt and Brandon Alexander in Yuba, CA, when the two fighters simultaneously connected with each other’s jaws for a rare DOUBLE knockout?!? Awesome right?

Unless, that is, those fans were hoping for more than 14 seconds of entertainment. Because that’s how long it took for the pair to end up prone on the canvas. The ruling was a…draw? Or something? It’s hard to tell! Either way, much like boobs, two knockouts are better than one. Let’s go to the tape:

Danielle “Topanga” Fishel

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