You Can Now Buy A Piece of DMX on Ebay

Stop, drop, shut ’em down open up shop.

Things are “ruff” for DMX these days. The rapper was arrested in July right before he was about to perform at NYC’s Radio City Music Hall, and sentenced to six months jail time for failing to pay a reported $400,000 in child support. Being the “tuff” guy that he is, that’s not the coolest thing to do time for, but he’s been serving it quietly at the Erie County Holding Center.

While behind bars, DMX’s son Xavier Simmons, who he’s publicly been on the outs with for some time, is seemingly looking to cash in by selling a platinum DMX plaque on Ebay. The listing for it is pretty grim:”

“RIAA” Certified Platinum Plaque in Commemoration of “It’s Dark and Hell Is Hot” “And Then There Was X…” and “Flesh of My Flesh, Blood of My Blood” This is his son. If you follow the media then you know we don’t have the most amicable relationship.

Each of the albums the plaque was awarded for sold more than three million copies, far surpassing the Platinum requirement of one million sales.

The irreplaceable memorabilia was listed at $3,000 and sold this morning for a undisclosed “best offer” price. 

DMX is reportedly (and understandably) livid, and he didn’t give his son permission to sell any of his stuff. 

Here’s a clip of DMX and Xavier hashing it out a few years ago:

Photos by Youtube