You Can Now Own A Piece of Your Childhood With The Virtual Boy Dev Kit

As long as you’ve got $36,000 floating around, that is. 

If you ever had the chance to play with a Nintendo Virtual Boy during your childhood (or now), you know all about the eye-straining reds and blacks the unit featured, its small game library, and its status as one of the most divisive systems of all time. They were a luxury of many kids’ lives, and now you can own the very prototype of what would eventually become the Virtual Boy right now for a mere $36,000.

Yes, you read that right. A whopping $36,000 gets you a Virtual Boy developer kit via this eBay listing, complete with a controller, AC cord, and everything shown in the photo on eBay. The seller claims there are only a handful of these devices around, and if you make the purchase you’ll be in possession of one of the “rarest Nintendo devices around.” It’s true these are in short supply, and if you’re flossin’ like that, it can be yours.

The seller appears to be a member of the video game industry with access to several other interesting items, so the authenticity of the item likely shouldn’t be disputed — they’re possibly a current or ex-Nintendo employee given their amount of “staff” items related to Nintendo properties, so this is likely an awesome buy for you if you want a piece of Nintendo history, or if you’re looking to indulge that inner child whose mom never budged on buying additional gaming systems. Got the cash? Do it up!