You Need To See Scarlett Johansson Kick Ass In This New “Captain America 2” Clip

Her super power is hotness! And face-stomping.

It goes without saying that we’re all obsessed with Scarlett Johansson over here – she has, after all, appeared on every one of Maxim‘s Hot 100 lists for the past few years. It should therefore go without saying that we’re also obsessed with her Black Widow character, since it’s basically just Scarlett Johansson, but as a redhead in a skintight black uniform who hangs out with the Incredible Hulk (is it really so wrong to expect the same thing from all women?). This brand-new four-minute clip from the upcoming Captain America: The Winter Soldier (out April 4) contains a gloriously brutal beatdown courtesy of Ms. Widow (we just get the feeling she’d be a “Ms.”), and, you know, some Captain America and plot and stuff. Check it out here:

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