You’ll Roam Around, Around, Around in Fallout 4 This November

Be the type of guy who never settles down in the Wasteland. 

Fallout 4, the latest entry in Bethesda’s fantastic post-apocalyptic role-playing series, looks awesome — at least, if the trailers are any indication. The latest trailer especially, which overlays Dion’s “The Wanderer” over footage from the new Fallout, is a masterful production; after all, the game is basically just wandering around, gathering items, surviving the irradiated wasteland…you know, that old chestnut.

In a history of trailers featuring retro musical hits (or somber covers of current songs) this one actually does a great job of capturing the feel of Fallout 4 and the overall series. Need another reason to get hyped? This is it. Fallout 4 drops November 10th for Xbox One, PlayStaion 4, and PC.