YouPorn Makes ‘King of Dong Style’ Joey Ryan Sports Brand Ambassador

Ryan’s powerful penis won’t be put to work that way, though.


At the beginning of December pro wrestler Joey Ryan’s brief but impressive display of penile prowess went viral. Now the next natural step in the epically mustached brawler’s rise to fame has arrived: he’s signed a deal with YouPorn Sports to become—in his words to Rolling Stone—a “brand ambassador.” 

It’s a natural fit. As Rolling Stone reported, Ryan has campaigned via t-shirts to “legalize sleaze.” The deal will also provide the wrestler with some security:

. . .Ryan says it’s about much more than just shock value. It will provide him with both financial stability and career flexibility, two things that are invaluable to any independent wrestler.

Of course the kind of automatic viral fame conferred on Ryan by his shocking, hilarious, one-of-a-kind move will lead to offers for other good gigs, as he notes in the video announcing the deal below. 

Also in the video, Ryan names his famous dick move: “the YouPornplex.” Because sure, why not.

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