Your Christmas Day NBA Matchups and Who To Watch Them With

Because the holiday is about harmony (between your sports and your company).

Bulls vs. Nets, 12 PM EST

We open with two franchises that started the season with sky-high hopes before falling back down to earth. Or even lower (what’s lower than Earth? The planet’s lava-filled core?). That’s why the early game is perfect to watch with your new girlfriend. Things were going so well a few months ago, and you figured it was time to bring the lady around for a holiday. Now your mom won’t stop asking when the wedding is and you guys aren’t even speaking after a mistletoe-related disagreement. Enjoy this game full of disappointment, you’ve earned it.

Thunder vs. Knicks, 2:30 PM EST

This season hasn’t been as cruel to anyone as it’s been to the New York Knicks. On the other side of the ball, OKC is looking like an un-championshiped force to be reckoned with – out to finally capture that trophy. That’s why this is the ideal game to watch with your Mom. She wants to catch up and hear all about your job, and your friends, and if that rash you had when you were fourteen has come back yet. So while she’s gabbing mercilessly, the Thunder will likely take that 25 point before the half and you won’t be missing much in terms of basketball.

Heat vs. Lakers, 5 PM EST

This was the marquee matchup of the schedule – until the Lakers fell to under .500 and Kobe hit the bench for another six weeks, of course. Luckily, when you choose to sit down and watch this game with dear ol’ dad, Kobe’s absence will provide you the perfect cue to ask why he missed so many of your little league games.  Why do you always let us down, Kobe-father!?

Rockets vs. Spurs, 8 PM EST

This is the first quality game of the day, with the top of the Southwest division battling it out, so you’ll probably want to grab the high school friend for this one (you can bet that girlfriend of yours will have called it an early night at this point). With so many games that looked huge pre-season – and now look pretty weak – you’ll be starved for some real basketball talk. This is primetime for that (not to mention that it’s actually primetime).

Clippers vs. Warriors, 10:30 PM EST

After the fury of the day (and the way that you’ve chosen to get through it – no judgments), you’re probably going to want a little peace and quiet while taking in the West Coast game. That’s why we suggest you cozy up next to dear old sleeping Granny and the sweet hiss of her oxygen tank. She won’t bother you at all. Now that we think about it, is there a chance she could be dead? No, no she’s not. Probably. We’ll check after the game.