Your Pizza May Have Been Certified By Naples

SYTYKP? (So You Think You Know Pizza?)

In the Wall Street Journal  this week, it was highlighted that Italian restaurants across the country are getting their Neapolitan pizza certified by the the Associazione Verace Pizza Napoletana. In the spirit of protecting everyone’s favorite food, the organization (founded in Naples) grants certification to pizzerias who make authentic and true-to-form Neopolitan pizzas, which is easier said than done. In order to meet the requirements, the pizza-maker must have the right cheese (Buffalo mozzarella of Campania), the right tomatoes (peeled San Marzano, fresh Roma, and Corbara), and the right flour (soft wheat, to be exact), among other things. Even if all of these stipulations are met, the certification ultimately depends on the advisory opinion of the very picky folks of the University “Federico II” of Naples’ Food Science faculty. Luckily, there’s a training course offered by the AVPN in Naples, which costs €1500 for a basic course ($2,067), plus the price of a plane ticket to Naples. If you’re not feeling up to the challenge yourself, you can always just eat at one of the approved restaurants around the world. That’s probably what we’ll do. 

Photos by Getty Images