You’re Going to Want to See the Inside of Christian Grey’s Apartment

The Fifty Shades of Grey interactive experience has us feeling some serious real estate envy. 

Here’s how to impress your Fifty Shades of Grey-loving girlfriend: Take her on a virtual tour of Christian Grey’s apartment

The experience starts out in an elevator that takes you up to his penthouse, where you’re prompted to sign a non-disclosure agreement. From there, you’re left to wander freely while invited to click on numerous blue targets: Some pull up his artwork for a closer look, others share his favorite cocktails, and still others show off where Grey seduces Anastasia. Frankly, especially when you consider that the man’s only supposed to be 27-years-old, we’re impressed too. 

Christian Grey’s Apartment, which was created by Maxim Labs, has more specific eye candy too. There are opportunities to watch behind-the-scenes videos of how Ana was styled (starring the incredibly desirable Dakota Johnson). And we’re partial to the immersive look into his cars – the Audi R8 and the Audi A3.

To build up tension, Universal’s been unlocking the rooms slowly. His bedroom and bathroom were just revealed, but we’re still waiting on the most intriguing one of all to open to prying eyes: The Red Room of Pain.