Zach Galifianakis Does Pornos for SNL!

Scratch that, he did promos, not porno. Either way.

Scratch that, he did promos, not porno. Either way.

After a brief hiatus, Saturday Night Live returns this weekend with host Zach Galifianakis, star of this month’s The Hangover 3. In these promo ads for the episode, Zach and Jason Sudeikis share a series of tender moments, most notably one in which a kimono-clad Zach confuses “shooting promos” with “shooting pornos,” and then proceeds to give Jason a healthy peek at his undercarriage. “You must have small feet,” observes Jason, to which Zach responds, “I’m a ladies’ size 6.” 

Between the reliably hilarious Galifianakis and musical guest Of Monsters and Men, the episode promises to be a good one. (At least, as much as any episode of SNL ever can.) Watch the promos above, and then waste the rest of the day trying to see if you can use the words “goofabouts” and “buttwad” in a single sentence as effectively as Zach.

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