Zach Snyder’s Aquaman Has Arrived and No One Wants To Tell Him He’s Dripping on the Carpet

A new poster featuring Jason Momoa shows that the guy on top of the underwater kingdom isn’t just splashing around.

Director Zach Snyder dropped an image of Aquaman, one of the more talked-about characters in the upcoming box office cataclysm Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, on Twitter yesterday and citizens of the comic book universe went nuts. Turns out that Game of Thrones fan live on a nebula in the other ring of the comic book universe so they chance to see former Khal Drogo Jason Momoa in amphibious armor was just about too much for everyone. 

The re-imagined character, who is King of Atlantis and a warrior and the possessor of truly excellent hair, has more tribal tattoos that a New Zealand rugby star and a trident that looks an oyster fork mated with a transformer. It’s intimidating, definitely enough to make you double check that you’re eating dolphin safe tuna.