We Can’t Get Enough of All the Sexy Curves in Zayn Malik’s Latest Video

Oh, and did we mention Gigi Hadid is in it too? Yeah, you need to see this.

Let’s be honest, we weren’t huge followers of the London-based boy band One Direction. Maybe it was because they were so young, maybe it’s because the era of boy bands seems like it’s been over for a decade. Whatever the reason, facts are facts. But now the group has disbanded, with its members moving on to pursue solo careers (as boy bands do).

For his first single as the star act, Zayn Malik has dropped his sultry track “PILLOWTALK” with an accompanying video. Though the singer himself seems a little bored, lost even, the dancers with their flowered nether regions and CGI colored bodies are a definite high point.

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The other? Model and rumored girlfriend Gigi Hadid appears on the project quite a bit. Though she doesn’t get nearly as naked, we’d never turn down some quality eye to body time with Gigi.