Zendaya Gets Handsy On Controversial Magazine Cover

She’s not actually masturbating, it just looks like she is.


Former Disney Channel starlet-turned-singer Zendaya kicked off a furor about whether or not she looks like she’s masturbating on the cover of fashion mag Wonderland.

The cover of Wonderland’s summer issue features Zendaya in a very intimate pose, and it immediately came under fire after it was revealed online Thursday.


The photo shows Zendaya sitting on a chair wearing a pink frilly dress, head thrown back, with one hand that looks like it’s sensually stroking her boob, and the other between her legs. Yes, it kind of looks like she’s masturbating, which predictably drew some criticism on Wonderland’s Instagram post of the picture.

Zendaya was quick to settle the confusion when she posted the cover on her Instagram and wrote in the caption, “I see what y’all saying by the hand placement lmao but that was not intentional you little pervs.” She also added a chain of laugh-crying emojis, because emojis make everything better.


Long story short, it looks like she’s masturbating, but she’s actually not. She’s just sitting in a chair, wearing some crew socks, and “staying zen,” as Wonderland captioned the picture. 

Thanks for clearing that up, Zendaya. And thanks, Wonderland, for a supposedly unintentional, slightly weird, enjoyably risque’ cover.