A $17 Whiskey Sold in Aldi Grocery Stores Was Just Named the Best in the World

Drink up!

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Aldi grocery stores are everywhere. In the United States, unfortunately, the German chain with the German name isn’t necessarily known for its high-quality booze—because spirits aren’t often sold in supermarkets. (At least not in many states.) 

Those who appreciate a fine scotch might get a little anxious for Aldi to begin stocking their inexpensive liquor, however, because despite what many would consider a bottom-shelf price, it was just declared among the best tasting spirits in the world.


The Spirits Business is a UK-based publication devoted to exactly what it says, and not long ago it held the 2018 Scotch Whisky Masters competition.

Aldi’s Highland Black 8-year-old Scotch earned a gold medal in the competition, as did the Glen Marnoch Islay Single Malt. Their amazing prices: USA Today did the math, and Highland Black is $17.32 in US dollars. Glen Marnoch is $23.32.

Aldi’s scotch certainly has some fans on Instagram.

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Aldi’s win wasn’t a fluke, because Insider reports that in the summer of 2017, Aldi’s “($13) gin was declared among the best in the world and its £6 ($8) rosé wine won silver at the International Wine Challenge.”

As to the lack of Aldi’s award-winning booze in the United States: enough Americans get wind of this, you can bet it might make its way across the pond pretty soon.

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