You Can Now Pay $250 For a High-Class ‘Hot Dog’ Through Fourth of July Weekend

It’s definitely unlike any hot dog you’ve tried before.

marky's caviar huso hot dog
Ciara Perrone Photo LLC

A Manhattan caviar emporium is selling a truly decadent $250 hot dog-inspired sandwich aimed at One Percenters with money to burn.

The Huso Dog at Marky’s Caviar, a swanky Madison Avenue gourmet caviar bar and restaurant, is worlds apart from the dirty water dogs peddled from midtown street carts and the supermarket franks many of us will be grilling on the Fourth of July.

Instead of a humble beef hot dog, Marky’s loads a brioche roll with Alaskan King Crab “meru” meat, pulled from the largest and most prized part of the crab leg, then adds beluga caviar, pickled mustard, sour cream and avocado for an impressively stiff $45. But true gourmands can add an extra ounce of caviar and “black truffle ketchup” for an eye-watering $250.

Ciara Perrone Photo LLC

“We wanted to offer a fine dining, seafood counterpoint to the traditional beef-frank hot dog,” says Mark Zaslavsky, co-founder of Marky’s Caviar, who adds that the $250 version is actually a total bargain. “It’s an amazing deal, as a full ounce of Beluga di Venezia caviar alone, would typically run you $275.”

The $250 Huso Dog with extra caviar and black truffle ketchup.

The high-class sandwich–available only through Independence Day weekend–is called the Huso Dog because it’s sold by the caviar shop’s 12-seat restaurant, Huso, which is derived from the latin term for beluga. 

While Marky’s specializes in all manner of caviar, there’s also plenty of smoked fish, foie gras, Iberico ham, white-and-black truffle salami, artisanal Italian cheeses, white truffle honey, and other luxe snacks, just in case you want to pack a picnic basket to bring to your weekend mansion in the Hamptons.