3 Fine Cigars That Go Great With Irish Whiskey

Get your Irish up with this triple threat of St. Patrick’s Day stogies.

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(Photo: Gurkha)

Presented by Gurkha

It’s hard to think of a more classic combination than cigars and whiskey. However if you’ve enjoyed them together you’ve most likely been sipping Scotch or bourbon. But seeing how’s it’s coming up for St. Patrick’s Day, why not try your smoke with Irish whiskey instead? 

It’s actually a great idea, if you select your sipper and stogies with the right criteria in mind. “Irish whiskey tends to be a little more mellow than other whiskeys, but has a surprising amount of depth with great vegetal, fruity and floral notes,” Briana Volk, owner of Maine’s Portland Hunt + Alpine Club and Little Giant and author of Northern Hospitality, tells Maxim.com. “At the same time it has enough of an a backbone to stand up to smoking a cigar.”

As for which whiskey to pour, “Red Breast would be my number one choice for a pairing,” Volk says. “The depth, layering and texture – it’s a little thicker and rounder than a lot of Irish whiskies – is absolutely stunning.” 

That said, here are three great stogies from Gurkha Cigars for checking out this match made in heaven. Known as the makers of some of the world’s finest cigars, the South Florida-based brand is famous for producing exquisite, limited release smokes that come in distinctively beautiful packaging. Prepare to enjoy some fine Irish whiskey with this trio of top-shelf stogies. 

1. Gurkha Cellar Reserve 21-Year


The fifth installment in Gurkha’s coveted limited edition Cellar Reserve line, it features a rare, well-aged 21-year-old aged Dominican filler tobacco and a Connecticut shade wrapper. $265 per box 

2. Gurkha Heritage Maduro


A Mexican Maduro wrapper over Brazilian and Nicaraguan long-fillers means you’re getting plenty of espresso, earth notes, and deliciously bitter dark chocolate with every puff. $216 per box

3. Gurkha Ghost


Gurkha’s coveted Ghost with a Brazilian wrapper over Dominican and Nicaraguan fillers is a rich, medium-bodied cigar with a multi-layered flavor profile providing sweet and earthy undertones with flavors of cocoa and cinnamon. $172 per box