Adam Richman Celebrates His Top 5 Eighties-Era Junk Foods

The original “Man vs. Food” host is back with a tasty new show about the forgotten foods of the 1980s.

History Channel

Adam Richman, the original host of Travel Channel’s popular pig-out series Man Vs. Food, is back with a new show in which he traverses the country reliving his childhood by eating some of the tastiest forgotten foods of the 1980s.

Adam Eats the 80s is a ten-episode show airing Sundays on The History Channel, and it’s sure to whet the appetite of anyone who grew up on Pizza Hut, Cinnabon, Chuck E. Cheese, Big League Chew and other eighties-era delicacies.

Here, Richman geeks out on his top five favorite eighties snacks:

Magic Middles Cookies

“Shortbread cookies filled with chocolate? It shouldn’t work, but it does! Or rather, it DID. Sort of a blander, simpler cookie, contrasted with gooey chocolate was a huge hit – but then Keebler decided to retool their assembly line for more popular cookies, and they were gone forever.”

The Priazzo from Pizza Hut

“This double stacked, overstuffed, saucy, cheesy creation was created to help lure in the 80’s sudden boom of white-collar workers for a lunch or dinner at Pizza Hut. It has every topping imaginable and nearly a pound of cheese. It’s equal parts pie, lasagna, and foodgasm. Insanely delicious.”

McDonald’s OG Beef Tallow Fries

“When a millionaire who had a heart attack decided to campaign against the dangers of fast food, every major chain began changing the oil in which they fried their French Fries. McDonald’s was no exception. They went from beef tallow to vegetable oil. The iconic McDonald’s French fry taste, was changed forever. And having had both side by side on my show, I can promise you, though they are healthier, they definitely don’t taste as good.”

Domino’s Breakfast Pizza

“Only available in select markets for six months in 1985, Domino’s offered a sweet and a savory version of breakfast pizza. While they are both delicious, the savory one is exceptional: sausage, bacon, two kinds of cheese and eggs on a hand tossed Dominos crust that is buttered to re-create the flavor and mouth feel of buttered toast. Supposedly you can still get it at one location on a college campus, but this one needs to be enjoyed forever by everyone. I sure hope they bring it back, though my cardiologist probably disagrees.”

Orange Slice

“One of the few fruit flavored sodas that actually tastes like the fruit it is trying to emulate. It’s also one of the few sodas that tasted as good in its diet version as it did in the original. A friend of my mother’s also proved that it made a damn fine Creamsicle cocktail when mixed with Häagen-Dazs vanilla liqueur. Claimed to have real fruit juice and it tasted as such. It also was not over carbonated which made it really pleasant to drink but you’ll have to take my word for it, as it is gone forever and ever and ever.”

Adam Eats The 80sairs Sunday nights on History Channel.