This Restaurant is Looking For a ‘Bacon Intern’ And It Pays $1,000 For a Day’s Work

Dream job alert.

(Photo: Getty)

(Photo: Getty)

Attention all bacon lovers: A regional burger chain in California called Farmer Boys — located in Stockton, Lodi and Modesto — is looking for a “Bacon Intern,” and it sounds like one of the best gigs ever.

The Bacon Intern will have the important responsibility of taste-testing all of the food on the Farmer Boys menu that involves bacon in any shape or form for eight hours for one day only…and pocket $1,000 for his or her trouble.

Anyone who is interested can take to Instagram to post a picture or video explaining why they’re the best candidate for the position and tag the Farmer Boys account at @FarmerBoysFood and include the hashtag #FarmerBoysBaconIntern.

Only those 18 and older can apply, and when doing so make sure your account is public. The deadline is August 20, and the official Bacon Intern will be announced on August 27th.

Learn more about the delicious position here.