A Craft Beer Company Is Hiring a ‘Chief Hiking Officer’ To Walk The Appalachian Trail in 2021

The winning applicant gets a $20,000 stipend, free outdoor gear and all the beer they can drink.

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Devils Backbone

A Virginia-based craft beer brand is looking to hire a “Chief Hiking Officer” to trek across 2,200 miles of the iconic Appalachian Trail next year.

Devils Backbone Brewing Company, headquartered in the Blue Ridge Mountains near the trail, today launches a nationwide search for one lager-loving adventurer to serve as their Chief Hiking Officer and hike from Maine to Georgia in 2021. 

The beer brand says it will pay the job recipient a $20,000 stipend, outfit them with gear, fly them to the trailhead, and “throw some big ol’ beer parties along the way.” 

But those applying for the gig better have plenty of time on their hands. The 2,200-mile, once-in-a-lifetime journey is expected to take about five to seven months of sleeping under the stars and trekking on the trail through 14 states. Applicants must be experienced hikers and document their journey on social media. 

Devils Backbone

“This is a great opportunity for a hiker who loves beer and is looking to shake up the pace of life by spending next summer on the Appalachian Trail,” said Hayes Humphreys, Chief Operating Officer at Devils Backbone. “Given the state of things today, we could all use some restorative time in the great outdoors.”

Devils Backbone announced their job search on June 1, 2020, along with the following qualifications and benefits:

Devils Backbone


You’ve gotta love hiking and beer.
We mean really love it.
We’re talking 2,200 miles, camping under the stars, pack-in-pack-out for 5-7 months love it.
Hiking or related adventure experience.
Must be 21+ (or born before today’s date in 1999).


Backpacking gear, all paid for
Did we mention you can get paid a $20K stipend to hike the Appalachian Trail?
Assist with product research. Yep, that’s exactly what you think it means (drinking beer).
Zero Day for resupply, beer drinking, etc.
Did we also mention Devils Backbone swag? Devils Backbone swag!

Think you’ve got what it takes? Applicants can apply here starting June 1, 2020.