Chewing Tobacco Users Have a New Path to Quitting: Tobacco-Free Dip

Black Buffalo’s smokeless tobacco substitute is as close as you’ll get to real dip.

Courtesy of Black Buffalo

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Everyone knows without question that tobacco use can lead to severe health consequences, yet thousands of people pick up tobacco for the first time every single day. No one wants the complications associated with tobacco, but the habit and the ritual are so appealing that they draw consumers in.

And the nicotine found in these products has users addicted by the time they finish their first pack of cigarettes or tin of chew.

For many, the cycle of trying to quit begins almost immediately. Once tobacco use starts to tie into daily routines, however, cessation gets harder and harder. It helps to have alternatives available, and smokers have several to choose from. Many options even contain nicotine, which is the addictive substance that causes withdrawal symptoms like anxiety and headaches.

While nicotine patches and gums are not the same as lighting up a cigarette, newer products help replace the routine with something that doesn’t include tobacco. E-cigarettes, vapes, even hookahs all supply an alternative method for consuming nicotine while helping smokers also replace the habit—the action—of smoking.

Though smokers can make the switch to a number of products that approximate their habit while still supplying nicotine (which in itself may not be particularly harmful), very few replacement options exist for people who use chewing tobacco. Companies have tried and failed at coming up with a product that looks, tastes, and feels the same as traditional dip; but one company has finally done it.

Black Buffalo’s smokeless tobacco alternative has been years in the making, and tobacco chewers looking to quit now have an authentic substitute.

Replacing More than Nicotine

No matter which method tobacco users prefer, addiction is not just about the nicotine. Using tobacco products becomes a part of everyday life, and that is difficult to let go of as well. Wake up, light up (or pinch some dip).

Drive to work, contemplate the day while savoring the burn of tobacco. Have a moment of stress? Calm down with a drag off a cigarette. Winding down for the night? Relax with just one more wad of chew.

Quitting cold turkey, then, means giving up not just a substance, but an activity that has become associated with everything from mealtime, to party time, to bedtime. Only three to ten percent of people who try this method are actually successful.

Most people need some help to quit long-term, and the process looks different for everyone. This is why the last decade or so has seen companies innovating products to take away the feeling that quitting means walking away from a part of your life.

However, while e-cigarettes and vapes replace the routine of smoking, they do not in any way approximate the routine of dipping. Additionally, many who use chewing tobacco do so because it does not require inhaling potentially harmful substances.

The roasting and fermentation of tobacco in dip does increase the concentration of carcinogens; but users are more likely to just keep chewing, rather than pick up smoking e-cigarettes or vaping as an aid for quitting. With no replacements, few options exist for dip users.

An Authentic Smokeless Tobacco Alternative

Black Buffalo fills the void of smokeless tobacco alternatives for people who love their dip but are looking for something different. This tobaccoless dip has been carefully developed to pay homage to the tradition of chewing tobacco while avoiding the use of the plant’s leaves or stems. Instead, made with edible green leaves, food-safe ingredients, and pharmaceutical-grade nicotine, Black Buffalo’s smokeless tobacco alternative offers an authentic texture, experience, and flavor.

The company makes tobacco pouches as well as long-cut dip, and juicy flavors include the traditional wintergreen, mint, and straight; as well as newer fruity flavors like peach and blood orange. People who want to move off of chewing tobacco finally have a viable alternative with these products inspired by research in the tobacco fields and flavor houses of The South.

A New Path to Quitting that Honors Tradition

Quitting tobacco use is far more complicated than simply giving up an addictive substance. In addition to the nicotine tobacco supplies, there is a ritual that goes along with its use. It quickly gets tied into everyday life, and breaking away means giving up a routine. Until recently, the only cessation aids available ignored this fact, providing only a replacement for nicotine.

Recently, however, e-cigarettes and vapes have entered the market, and they are reasonable options for smokers who are attached to the oral habit.

Dip users, on the other hand, have been waiting for a product that can fill in for smokeless tobacco the way e-cigarettes replace traditional ones. The choices have been sparse and unsatisfying, failing to provide the same look, taste, and texture as traditional products. Black Buffalo has changed the market, however, and long-term tobacco users are joining the herd of converts. Now, dip lovers have something that replaces their tobacco, honoring tradition while charging ahead.