Metallica Launches Limited Edition ‘Batch 100’ Whiskey Box Set

The hard-rocking spirit is perfect for Metallica fans who are thirsty for “Sweet Amber.”

Sweet Amber Distilling Co.

Metallica superfans are likely already familiar with the legendary band’s Blackened whiskey, but a newly-announced “Batch 100” box set is cranking up the sonically-enhanced spirit to the next level.

For the uninitiated, Blackened–named after the album opener from 1988’s And Justice For All…–is a rye-bourbon whiskey blend that’s blasted with the sounds of actual Metallica playlists while being aged in black brandy barrels. The Batch 100 benchmark expression comes in with two 12-inch vinyl records featuring the music that shaped the whiskey, exclusive band photos, and a special edition Blackened magazine that’s only available with purchase of the box set. 

Sweet Amber Distilling Co.

While past Blackened playlists have been selected by band members, Batch 100’s was picked by Master Distiller and Blender Rob Dietrich, who took over all sourcing, blending and cask-finishing duties after the passing of original distiller Dave Pickerell in 2018. 

“When I look at Rob’s playlist, I love the selections,” said Metallica drummer Lars Ulrich, who curated the playlists with Dietrich. “I love the
variety and I love that he’s gone for two deeper live tracks from the Damaged Justice tour. I love seeing both the
Binge & Purge and Through the Never eras represented. And he even tapped the Helping Hands
album, so it’s clear he is not a part-timer!” Watch Ulrich unbox  Batch 100 on Instagram below:

Here are the track lists for the pair of Batch 100 records: 

Disc 1

Side A

  1. Blackened (Live)
  2. Creeping Death (Live)
  3. The Unforgiven (Live)

Side B

  1. Disposable Heroes
  2. Fade to Black
  3. Spit Out the Bone

Disc 2

Side C

  1. Whiplash
  2. …And Justice for All
  3. Nothing Else Matters (Live Acoustic)

Side D

  1. Leper Messiah
  2. One (Live)
  3. Battery
Sweet Amber Distilling Co.

…and here are the official Blackened Batch 100 tasting notes:

Inside black brandy barrels, the liquid is bathed in low hertz sound waves so intense that it actually intensifies the molecular interaction of the whiskey with the wood and, ultimately, the finish.

Being thrashed by the Black Noise sonic enhancement process helps give the spirit a warm, honey-amber hue. Burnt caramel, oak and honey are present on the nose and moderate hints of spice upon first sip. The flavor of Blackened builds with notes of honey, cinnamon, allspice, clove and mint, with unexpected hints of apricot lingering underneath. Expect a long and smooth finish with slightly creamy hints of butterscotch taffy, maple and honey.

Priced at $149, the Blackened Batch 100 Box Set is available to preorder online now.