Book A Michelin-Star Dinner In SPACE Aboard The Neptune Spaceship

Have a world-class dinner on the edge of space for a cool $495,000.


The bar is being raised ever higher in the world of fine dining, but that sentiment is set to take on a new, intergalactic meaning, thanks to SpaceVIP.

The luxury space expedition company just announced a partnership with Chef Rasmus Munk of Alchemist, and the experience is far from an ordinary night, even at one of the world’s best restaurants.


Space VIP is set to send six fortunate passengers into the cosmos via Space Perspective’s Spaceship Neptune for an otherworldly, exceedingly exclusive meal.

On the world’s first carbon-neutral spaceship, passengers will dine while wearing made-to-measure outfits from  French fashion house Ogier.

Guided by a “SpaceBalloon” that lifts a pressurized capsule, rather than a rocket, fortunate space travelers and diners will journey to 100,000 feet above sea level, watching the sunrise over the Earth all the while.

(Space at The Alchemist/Courtesy of The Alchemist)

And along the way, the six-hour journey will feature what surely promises to be an exceptional meal crafted by Munk. Munk’s own restaurant features a dining experience known simply as “Space,” while emphasizing holistic cuisine, and the gravitas of the occasion isn’t lost on the famed chef, either.

(Alchemist/Courtesy of Space VIP)

“In this experience, I want to highlight food as a common thread in our human existence, and it will be truly meaningful to serve it while gazing down at the Earth’s curvature,” Munk said.


The ultra-exclusive ticket and trip, with an out-of-this world price tag of $495,000, promises to be nothing short of a stunning interstellar cruise, complete with world-class dining.


“Chef Rasmus’s imaginative creations will augment every step of the experience, including dishes inspired by the role of space exploration during the last 60 years of human history,” SpaceVIP said.

To round things out, proceeds from the journey are set to be directed to the Space Prize Foundation, which works to promote science and technology gender equity. Keep a weather eye out for this launch, slated for late 2025 from Florida’s Space Coast: Michelin-starred dining will never be the same.