Buffalo Trace Gets Woodsy With Latest Old Charter Oak Bourbon

Woodsy whiskey for the win.

buffalo trace old charter oak
Buffalo Trace

Buffalo Trace distillery has debuted a new oak-inspired bourbon with the release of its Old Charter Oak Chinkapin Oak. This particular  species of oak is native to the midwest, where chinkapin oak trees are often found in public parks and large private estates alike.

The Chinkapin Oak joins Buffalo Trace’s three previous releases in the Old Charter Oak series, a collection exploring the different taste profiles of barrels made from trees grown in different countries, climates and soil. 

Tasting notes from Buffalo Trace describe the new bourbon as having “a nose of cherries and spearmint with hints of floral. On the palate, fresh herbs and honey abound, before a finish of warm baking spices, followed by dark chocolate.”

Buffalo Trace

This is the fourth release in the Old Charter Oak Collection. The previous releases were Mongolian Oak, French Oak, and Canadian Oak. Subsequent releases are planned a few times each year, indefinitely.

For the newest release, Buffalo Trace obtained a small number of barrels with staves air dried for 24 months before assembling into barrels. Most barrel staves air dry for three to six months, but the extra time air drying allows the whiskey to extract richer and more complex flavors deep within the oak. 

Buffalo Trace’s Old Charter Oak Chinkapin Oak is available now for $69.99 per bottle, while supplies last.