Genius Canadian Scientists Have Developed the First-Ever Beer Brewed From Cannabis

This is major.

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The idea of mixing marijuana and beer is not new. For years, people have been getting excited about brews infused with THC and others made with cannabidiol.

But the mad geniuses at Canada’s Province Brands are the first to introduce a beer brewed from cannabis. Unlike the beers infused with some element of cannabis, the beer from Province Brands comes from the plant itself. “Our beer is brewed from the stalks, stem and roots of the cannabis plant,” Province Brands CEO Dooma Wendschuh told The Guardian,

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Wendschuh, who moved to Toronto in 2016 to capitalize on Canada’s opennes to marijuana, explained that it’s taken his company a long time to get to the point where they have a product ready to present to the public. “The things that we would come up with just tasted horrible,” he said of the early experiments with beer brewed from cannabis. “They tasted like rotten broccoli.”

But they eventually turned that around. 

With the help of a chemist, he eventually hit on the right combination of hops, water, yeast – and cannabis. Any alcohol produced during the processing is removed, resulting in a non-alcoholic, gluten-free beer that offers a high.

“The flavour is dry, savoury, less sweet than a typical beer flavour,” he said. “The beer hits you very quickly, which is not common for a marijuana edible.”

Province’s beer currently delivers 6.5mg THC per bottle and Wendschuh said his hope is to have the dose be equivalent to drinking one alcoholic beer. 

Eventually, the plan is for the company to produce a line of drinks that mirrors those from craft breweries. 

“We can make different types of beers in the same way that a barely beer company can make a lager or a stout or an ale and we can experiment across the wide variety and the many traditions that the beer industry has come up with.”

It’ll be a bit until consumers can get their hands on Province’s drinks. While recreational weed will go on sale across Canada in October, edibles and other consumable products won’t be legal until 2019.