There’s a Chicken Wing Debate Raging Online Over ‘Drums’ Versus ‘Flats’

Pick a side.

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Getty Images

We’re living in highly contentious times, one in which coworkers, friends and even family members find themselves disagreeing about, well, just about everything. Including chicken wings.

That’s right, a debate has flared up online regarding which part of the wing is preferable. On one side is “team drum,” who prefer the mini-drumstick looking piece, and on the other is “team flat,” the proponents of the middle part of the wing, also known as the “winglette.”

While drums usually have more meat and are easier to grasp (and therefore dip), flats have more of the deliciously crispy skin we’re all really eating the wings for in the first place.

Here, some drum-heads make their case:

On the other side of the aisle, the flat-lovers:

As wing connoisseurs ourselves, we side with those who see value in the diversity of opinion:

As for whether blue cheese or ranch is a better dip, well, that’s a whole other basket of wings.