Exclusive First Look: The Glenlivet Debuts ‘Twist And Mix’ Ready-To-Drink Scotch Whisky Cocktails

The famed scotch brand is now offering bottled Old Fashioned and Manhattan cocktails.

The market for ready-to-drink cocktails seems ever-expanding, but it’s worth paying attention when a vaunted Scotch distiller enters the field. Simply put, no one is doing it quite like The Glenlivet, which shakes up the at-home cocktail market with its new “Twist and Mix” ready-to-serve cocktail collection.

The Glenlivet has quite the foundation to stand on (including its excellent 21-year and 25-year expressions), and that expertise appears to have come in quite handy when innovating in the cocktail category. Your standard canned cocktail or RTD, this is not — far from it, in fact.

(The Glenlivet)

The secret lies in the twist cap at the top, which releases classic cocktail flavorings into The Glenlivet single malt when twisted. A handful of seconds later, the combination is ready to be poured over ice.

The effect is visually pleasing and should go over nicely at many a gathering with friends, be it a summer soiree or a fall evening in front of the fire.

The “Twist & Mix” line centers (for now) around two all-time classic cocktails: The Old Fashioned and The Glenlivet’s New Manhattan, both of which are fitting tributes to timeless originals.

(The Glenlivet)

The Glenlivet took great care to hit all the right flavor notes with each nicely balanced, carefully composed offering, as Maxim learned in an exclusive tasting.

It helps that the technology is both easy to use and patented by beverage packing company Vessl.

The entire design is further complemented by a sleek and elegant bottle, including vibrant packaging that falls right in line with other offerings from The Glenlivet.

(The Glenlivet)

The Old Fashioned hits on expected flavors of nutmeg, orange and cinnamon with a pleasing touch of The Glenlivet single malt, while cherry and ginger certainly stand out in the New Manhattan.

(The Glenlivet)

It’s a convenient and simple way to get speakeasy-quality cocktails at home with ease, all the while furthering The Glenlivet’s passion for advancement in the Scotch category at large.

“With this new innovative product, we are inspiring people to enjoy single malt scotch whisky in more occasions and providing a solution to meet consumer demand for high quality, freshly mixed cocktails that are easy to serve and enjoy with friends and family,” said Johan Radojewski, Pernod Ricard USA’s vice president of marketing for Scotch, Irish & Prestige Whisk(e)y.

The world of Scotch, and indeed, the world of high-end cocktails (and even at-home cocktails) can prove daunting for even the most seasoned enthusiasts, but The Glenlivet’s latest release quite literally puts an engaging and memorable twist on time-honored favorites.