Fireball Whiskey’s ‘FireKeg’ Holds 115 Shots of Red Hot Hooch

It’s lit.


Fireball Whiskey knows how to greet fall with all its falling leaves, cooling temperatures, and parties full of drunk bros eager to prove how hardcore they are: The FireKeg.

It’s a damn keg of red-hot cinnamon-flavored whiskey. For when the hardest of party monsters needs to flex on the lightweights.  


Fireball’s FireKeg holds about 5.5 quarts or 5.25L of whiskey. According to the distiller, that equals approximately 115 shots. 

Of course, Fireball understands this product isn’t suitable for small gatherings, exactly. So the FireKeg has three spouts, turning it into a single-liquor bar for the night, or one seriously intense watering hole.


FireKegs are hitting store shelves this month, but they will, according to the company, only be “available in limited quantities for a limited time.” One can only take so much sinus-scalding yet strangely sweet and appealing flavor at once, apparently. 

CBS / How I Met Your Mother

Have fun with yours if you are a Fireball fan, but safety first—a keg stand done with Fireball instead of beer sounds like a fun frat party challenge until someone ends up shooting red-hot whiskey through the nose. Which would really, really hurt. 

FireKegs retail for $75 apiece—while they last.