‘Fish House Live’ Episode 5: Watch Top Chefs Face Off In a Sustainable Seafood Battle

The latest “Fish House Live” event showcased four badass competitors in an epic head-to-head challenge at The Pantry & Provisions in Atlanta.

Taste Network hosted the fifth edition of Fish House Live, a virtual culinary competition on Maxim’s Facebook Live, on November 6. Respected chefs from Charleston and Miami prepared sustainable seafood dishes while two notable barkeeps prepared Fish House Punch with Buffalo Trace and Wheatley Vodka. 

The world-famous DJ Lord of Pubic Enemy performed in front of a global audience while guests, judges and at-home voyeurs took advantage of Instagramming Live with the talent. To see a recap of this event and videos from previous events click here. Watch the live stream here on Maxim’s Facebook page.


For the fifth voyage, chef Xavier Torres of Bae Korean Grill (Miami) and chef and fish butcher Shaun Brian of Cuda Co. Seafood Market (Charleston) presented dishes that celebrated marine stewardship and responsible aquaculture. 

Each chef presented four raw dishes (crudo/poke/tartare/ceviche) and participated in a discussion about sustainable fish from Pacifico Aquaculture and Kvaroy Arctic, two companies committed to serving safer seafood to consumers worldwide while building communities at home.

Chef Xavier’s Pacifico Aquaculture Striped Bass and Kvaroy Arctic Salmon Tiradito with jalapeno sauce

Two industry-respected beverage creators competed with a historic elixir called Fish House Punch. Natalie Barton (Atlanta) featured Buffalo Trace Bourbon while Jamie Helms of Lazy Susan Tapas (Macon) took judges on a journey with his creation rightfully made with Wheatley Vodka. Each punched it out for the Fish House Punch trophy, a 5L Buffalo Trace Barrel and invitation to the Fish House Punch Finale on December 6th in Atlanta. Friends at home can enter to win $500 and a trip to Buffalo Trace Distillery by entering a virtual punch competition with Wheatley Vodka.

Pacifico Striped Bass Ceviche with Avocado mousse, cilantro, sofrito, sazon oil, baby green banana chips and starfruit.

Chef Xavier Torres of Bae Korean Grill won the food competition and prizes including the “Golden Fish” trophy alongside a stunning Cucina Technica 4-inch Thick Hard Maple Top “Fish Cart” from John Boos Co. A culinary highlight of the night voyage was Chef Xavier’s Pacifico Aquaculture Striped Bass and Kvaroy Arctic Salmon Tiradito with Jalapeno Sauce and variations of textures. Chef Shaun Brian equally had amazing dishes, a favorite of the judges was his Pacifico Striped Bass Ceviche with Avocado mousse, cilantro, sofrito, sazon oil, baby green banana chips and starfruit.

Winning barkeep Jamie Helms stopped the show with his Fish House Punch named “Guns & Ships” prepared with Wheatley Vodka. Fish House Punch could quite possibly be the oldest surviving colonial American beverage, first written about in 1744 and was possibly invented two decades earlier. Get Jamie’s full punch recipe below.

“Guns & Ships” Fish House Punch

Winning barkeep Jamie Helms’s Fish House Punch featuring Wheatley Vodka
  • 25oz Wheatley Vodka
  • 24oz Dark Rum (Khakis Down)
  • 16oz fresh-squeezed lime juice
  • 16oz fresh-squeezed pineapple juice
  • 3 cans of Long Drink
  • 12oz Crème de Noyaux
  • Splash of hibiscus syrup for color
  • Garnish with smoking rosemary
Barkeep Natalie Barton’s Fish House Punch featuring Buffalo Trace

Each competition features chefs and barkeeps who present their creations to a panel of six judges in hopes of being named the winner. The notable judges included DJ Lord of Public Enemy, Melanie Wade of Golda Kombucha, Stefanie Luke of The Coathangers, Dan Dixon of PLSPLS, photographer Imran Stephen and Brady Lowe of Taste Network.

The night started with DJ Lord of Public Enemy taking guests on a musical journey while Brady Lowe hosted a discussion on sustainable fisheries and the future of food. By crossing vast spectrums of global audiences who value “farm to table and sea to screen,” Fish House is a virtual culinary summit powered by amazing talent, behind the scenes Instagram Live access and cause-driven content.

Tune in to the next episode airing this Friday November 13 at 7:45pm EST featuring Chef Justin Sutherland of Handsome Hog (Minneapolis) against Chef Dayana Joseph of apt4b (Atlanta). Both chefs are dedicated to supporting sustainable businesses and local farmers. Prominent judges for the event include DJ Lord of Public Enemy, Tamara Whatley of TBali – Live Your Beauty, Martina Jimenez Sperry of Centurio Wealth, Chef Joseph Shafer of the Atlanta Hawks, Imran Stephen of Stephen Media Group, and Melanie Wade of Golda Kombucha.


Each gastro-competition is an experiential event where participating chefs and barkeeps present their creations to a panel of six judges and thousands of online viewers in hopes of being named the winner. The goal is to inform attendees and viewers of important categories of sustainable fish including Bycatch, the Wild Big Blue, Line-Caught, Farmed and Community Supported Fisheries (CSF) while inspiring discussion, education and consumption of responsible seafood. Every event is a few hours filled with inspiring discussion, demonstrations, live music and presentation of responsible seafood. 

Fish House Live is the nation’s first responsible aquaculture competition featuring great chefs and badass barkeeps. The original Fish House was established in 1732 and today remains as America’s first fishing cooperative in the 13 colonies. George Washington was an honorary member and was known to over indulge on Fish House Punch frequently. Today, the event pays homage to the old world, when life was simpler and food was cleaner.

While everyone is spending more time at home, it is a perfect time to enjoy one of the eight live streaming competitions catering to the 30-46 something crowd that follow food and beverage influencers, enjoys historic cocktails, rare wines, plant-based creators and sustainable seafood. Together, we embrace this time to cook and drink at home with truly one of a kind of experiences.

Fish House will be broadcast twice a month to Maxim’s 3 million Facebook followers and 250,000-strong combined audiences through our chefs, barkeeps and world-class musicians. Sizzle reels and videos can be found on www.fishhouse.live.

About Fish House

Fish House is live-streamed from The Pantry & Provisions in Atlanta, Georgia and created by Brady Lowe of Taste Network. Fish House is an important discussion on important categories of sustainable fish like Bycatch, The Wild Big Blue, Line-Caught, Farmed and Community Supported Fisheries (CSF), all while inspiring education and consumption of responsibly-cultivated seafood. Fish House was developed during the Covid-19 quarantine and always features a performance from the world-famous DJ Lord of Public Enemy. Together, Brady Lowe and DJ Lord, the music and food duo founded #CafeQuarantine in late March, a weekly live-streaming wine and music broadcast that explores hip hop, elevated food, wine regions and historic cocktails. Fish House is the incarnation of Lowe’s next chapter in culinary events and the future of food.