‘Fish House Live’ Episode 7: Watch Top Chefs and Barkeeps Battle in Sustainable Seafood Cook-Off

See a recap of the latest “Fish House Live” culinary showdown–along with the winning recipe for vodka-spiked “Autumn’s Apple” party punch.

Presented by Fish House Live 

Taste Network hosted the seventh episode of Fish House Live at The Pantry & Provisions in Atlanta on November 20th, and it didn’t disappoint. 

Each virtual culinary competition is hosted on Maxim’s Facebook Live and showcases four badass competitors in an epic head-to-head challenge while the world-famous DJ Lord of Public Enemy performs. 

 Winning barkeep James Wampler of Atlas, “Fish House Live” host Brady Lowe, and runner-up barkeep Sam Davies of Cultured South and Golda Kombucha

The event’s host, Taste Network’s Brady Lowe, helped organize a vibrant venue filled with music, food, drink, judges tasked with finding a winner, and a discussion about responsible fisheries and the future of food. Fans from home followed along “behind the scenes” as the chefs, barkeeps and DJ Lord posted on their Instagram Live accounts while fans watched the show on Maxim’s Facebook Live

Shooting “Fish House Live” Episode 7

Respected Chefs Robert Butts of Twisted Soul Cookhouse (Atlanta) and Jean-Philippe Gaston (Houston) joined forces to celebrate marine stewardship and responsible aquaculture by presenting three raw dishes (crudo/tartare/ceviche). Two notable barkeeps James Wampler of Atlas (Buckhead) and Sam Davies of Cultured South and Golda Kombucha (Atlanta) took on a spirited challenge to create Fish House Punch with Buffalo Trace or Wheatley Vodka.

Judges at “Fish House Live” Episode 7 
Jean-Philippe Gaston’s Beet Cured Salmon Sashimi with Fennel and Nori Chips

Both groups presented to a panel of prominent judges that included Deborah Funk of Australian Agriculture Co., Dave Claassenman of Atlanta Entourage Co., Brady Lowe of Taste Network, Arun Nijhawan of Lucror Resources, and Melanie Wade of Golda Kombucha. Everyone learned how to prepare dishes, create award-winning punches and learn about sustainable fisheries Kvarøy Arctic and Pacifico Aquaculture, a couple companies committed to serving safer seafood to consumers worldwide.

Winning Chef Robert Butts of Twisted Soul, winning barkeep James Wampler of Atlas, runner-up barkeep Sam Davies of Cultured South and Golda Kombucha, and Fish House Live host Brady Lowe

Chef Robert Butts of Twisted Soul Cookhouse won the chef category to take home the “Golden Fish” trophy and a stunning John Boos Co. Maple “Fish Cart.” The culinary highlights of the night were Chef Robert’s Kvarøy Arctic Smoked Salmon with Chiffonade of Collard Greens, Champagne Red Onion Vinaigrette dusted with CornBread and Chef Gaston’s “Ika Mata, a South Pafcific Welcome Dish” featuring Pacifico Aquaculture Striped Sea Bass marinated in Coconut Milk, Yuzu, Olive Oil, tossed with Mango, Citrus and Chiles and his Beet Cured Salmon Sashimi with Fennel and Nori Chips. In the end, the votes fell in favor of Chef Robert.

Chef Robert Butts’ Kvarøy Arctic Smoked Salmon with Chiffonade of Collard Greens, Champagne Red Onion Vinaigrette
Sam Davies of Cultured South featured a punch with Buffalo Trace Bourbon

Simultaneously, two barkeeps went head-to-head with Fish House Punch, which could possibly be the oldest surviving colonial American beverage. Fish House Punch first appeared in 1735 at Schuylkill Fishing Company of Pennsylvania, the first angling cooperative and longest-running social club in English-speaking world that’s known to many simply as Fish House. Even honorary member George Washington was rumored to frequently indulge in Fish House Punch. 

Barkeeps Sam Davies of Cultured South and Golda Kombucha created a punch with Buffalo Trace Bourbon while James Wampler of Atlas prepared his with Wheatley Vodka. Following their amazing presentations, the judges voted James Wampler the winner. See the the recipe below: 

James Wampler’s “Autumn’s Apple” Fish House Punch

  • 25oz Wheatley Vodka infused with Granny Smith apples
  • 17oz Apple Cider Simple Syrup (see below) 
  • 12oz lemon juice
  • 8oz Lillet Blanc
  • Dollop of Apple Foam (see below) 
  • Garnish with nutmeg and fresh rosemary

Apple Cider Simple: Combine the following ingredients in a saucepan, bring to a simmer, cool, and strain through a fine mesh strainer.

  • 9oz Granny Smith apple juice
  • 7oz sugar
  • 2oz apple cider cinegar
  • Pinch nutmeg, cinnamon and clove

Apple Foam: Combine the following ingredients using an ISI whip cream canister. 

  • 3 eggs
  • 2oz water
  • 2oz lemon juice
  • 2oz apple simple

Tune in to the next and final episode airing this Friday December 4 at 7:45 p.m. EST featuring Chef Alphonso Betty of Betty Box (Atlanta) against Chef Casey Burchfield of The Burch (Atlanta). Both chefs are dedicated to supporting sustainable businesses and local farmers.

While everyone is spending more time at home, now’s a perfect time to enjoy one of the eight live streaming competitions catering to the 30-46-year-old crowd that follows food and beverage influencers and enjoys historic cocktails, rare wines, plant-based creators and sustainable seafood. Together, we embrace this time to cook and drink at home with truly one-of-a-kind of experiences. 

Fish House is broadcasted twice a month to Maxim’s 3 million Facebook followers and 250,000-strong combined audiences through our chefs, barkeeps and world-class musicians.

About Fish House

Fish House is live-streamed from The Pantry & Provisions in Atlanta, Georgia and created by Brady Lowe of Taste Network. Fish House is an important discussion on important categories of sustainable fish like Bycatch, The Wild Big Blue, Line-Caught, Farmed and Community Supported Fisheries (CSF), all while inspiring education and consumption of responsibly-cultivated seafood. Fish House was developed during the Covid-19 quarantine and always features a performance from the world-famous DJ Lord of Public Enemy. Together, Brady Lowe and DJ Lord, the music and food duo founded #CafeQuarantine in late March, a weekly live-streaming wine and music broadcast that explores hip hop, elevated food, wine regions and historic cocktails. Fish House is the incarnation of Lowe’s next chapter in culinary events and the future of food. Sizzle reels and videos can be found on www.fishhouse.live.