‘Fish House Live’ Episode 2: Watch Chefs Battle For Culinary Supremacy In Sustainable Seafood Cook-Off

“Fish House Live” showcases four badass chef competitors as they take on an epic head-to-head challenge for their social media fans.

Presented by Fish House Live

Taste Network launched the second voyage of its live-streaming Fish House Live culinary
competition on Maxim’s Facebook Live, featuring two celebrity chefs, two
notable barkeeps and the world famous DJ Lord of Pubic Enemy. 

Followers went behind the
scenes via Instagram Live on August 28, while the chef contestants thrilled their social media fans as they prepared an epic feast for six celebrity judges to vote on.

For the second voyage, celebrity chefs Adam Sobel of Mina Group (Las Vegas) and Chad Clevenger of Alma Cocina (Atlanta) competed using fish sourced from responsible fisheries alongside produce from local Georgia farmers. 

Chef Adam Sobel’s winning Kvaroy Arctic Salmon “Monaco Style” Tartare with Purple Basil, Fennel and Pine Nuts

Chefs presented three plates to judges including two raw dishes (tataki, tartare, aquachile and cured) and one hot dish each. Fish House was proud to spotlight Steelhead Trout from Hudson Valley Fisheries and Kvarøy Arctic Salmon from Norway, which are both spectacular narratives for family owned businesses that provide safer, better seafood to consumers worldwide.

Simultaneously, two bar keepers Katy Frazier of Wrecking Bar and Grant Wallace of Grant Wallace Farm went head to head with their own take on a historic libation called Fish House Punch. Katy decided to feature Buffalo Trace Bourbon and Grant chose Wheatley Vodka to spotlight in his competition punch. 

Chef Adam Sobel’s winning Arctic Salmon Tataki & Confit of Cointreau, Orange, Rambutan 

The winners of the night included Chef Adam Sobel of Mina Group and Grant Wallace of Grant Wallace Farm, who took top honors with their judge’s presentation. A highlight of the second sea-voyage was Sobel’s Kvaroy Arctic Salmon “Monaco Style” Tartare with Purple Basil, Fennel and Pine Nuts. Sobel won a stunning table-side Cucina Americana Fish Cart from John Boos & Co. Grant, who will advance to the Fish House Punch Finals in December, won a 5-liter at-home Aging Barrel from Buffalo Trace.

Grant’s winning Fish House Punch named “FarmHouse Punch” with Wheatley Vodka

Grant’s winning Fish House Punch, named “FarmHouse Punch,” included 4 ounces of Wheatley Vodka, 2 ounces Brandy, .75 ounce of Amaretto, .25 ounce of Gran Classico, 2 ounces Lemon and 3 ounces Grapefruit juices and the clincher was 4 ounces of home-made Hydrosol Syrup made of cinnamon basil and topped with 5 ounces of club soda.

Katy Frazier’s Fish House Punch named “The Pretty Mermaid” with Buffalo Trace

DJLord of Public Enemy took guests on a musical journey while Brady Lowe hosted a discussion on sustainable fisheries, distillation, and cooking in the future of food. The evening crossed vast spectrums of global audiences who value “farm-to-table” practices in their community.


Tune in to the third voyage airing Friday October 2 at 7:45 p.m. EST featuring Sheamus Feeley of Sheamus Feeley Hospitality Group (Denver) and Reid Schilling of Schilling Canning Company (Washington DC), two more chefs who are dedicated to supporting sustainable fisheries. Atlanta barkeep challengers include Ryan Smith of Lazy Susan Tapas (Macon) and Matt Scott from White Bull (Decatur).

Fish House is the nation’s first responsible aquaculture food and beverage competition. The original Fish House was established in 1732 as the first fishing cooperative in the 13 colonies. George Washington was an honorary member and visited frequently. Today, the event pays homage to the old world, when life was simpler and food was safe and clean.

Each gastro-competition is an experiential live-streaming event whereas participating chefs and barkeeps present their creations to a panel of six notable judges and thousands of online viewers in hopes of being named the winner. 

Guests drank ’96 Chambertin de Beze, ‘82 Mouton, ’82 Corton, ’05 Chave Hermitage and more

The night is filled with a message to enlighten viewers on important categories of sustainable fish including Bycatch, The Wild Big Blue, Line-Caught, Farmed and Community Supported Fisheries (CSF) while inspiring discussion, education and consumption of responsible seafood. 

While everyone is spending more time at home, it is a perfect time to enjoy one of the eight live streaming competitions catering to the aged 30-46-something crowd who follows and enjoys beverage influencers, historic cocktails, rare wines, plant-based creators and sustainable seafood. Together, we embrace this time to cook and drink at home with truly one of a kind of experiences.

Fish House will be broadcast twice a month to Maxim’s 3 million Facebook followers and 250,000-strong combined audiences through our chefs, barkeeps and world-class musicians.

About Fish House

Fish House is live-streamed from The Pantry & Provisions in Atlanta, Georgia and created by Brady Lowe of Taste Network. Fish House was developed during the Covid-19 quarantine and always features a performance from the world-famous DJ Lord of Public Enemy. Together, Brady Lowe and DJ Lord, the music and food duo founded #CafeQuarantine in late March, a weekly live-streaming wine and music broadcast that explores hip hop, elevated food, wine regions and historic cocktails. Fish House is the incarnation of Lowe’s next chapter in culinary events and the future of food.