Flamin’ Hot Cheetos ICE CREAM Is Here to Set Your Taste Buds Ablaze

Would you eat this stuff?


We are in midst of a Great Flamin’ Hot Cheetos Renaissance, when it has never been so easy to be cheesy.

Following in the glorious tradition of Hot Cheetos pizzas, burritos, popcorn and even pop-up restaurants, Drill’d Ice Cream in Fountain View, California is now offering Flamin’ Hot ice cream.

Its signature “Hot as Hell” flavor is a fiery blend of vanilla ice cream and Hot Cheetos that is then toppled with Hot Cheetos crumbles.


“Hot as Hell” ice cream may sound like an oxymoron, but Hot Cheetos play by no rules.

Here, some of our other favorite surprise culinary spins on the Flamin’ Hot Cheeto:

Hot Cheetos Mac n’ Cheese from Burger King


Hot Cheetos Pizza from Ameci Pizza Kitchen in Glendale, California


Hot Cheetos Burrito from El Paisano in Pheonix, Arizona


Hot Cheetos Donuts from The Donut Conspiracy in Grand Rapids, Michigan


Hot Cheetos Turkey from Some Internet Guy

We can practically taste the Red 40.

h/t BroBible