Garrison Brothers Debut Powerful 133.9 Proof Cowboy Bourbon

This savagely strong spirit is Wild West tough.

Garrison Brothers

Learn enough about spirits as a subject and you quickly find that some terms are just industry-speak for “strong enough to knock you down.” The words “cask-proof” might come to mind but here we’re talking about Garrison Brothers’ iconic Cowboy Bourbon, the yearly limited-edition whiskey that clocks in at a hardcore 133.9 proof—or 66.95% ABV. 

If you don’t understand the appeal of the hardest hard stuff, it might be more surprising to find Garrison Brothers’ 2019 edition of Cowboy Bourbon was sold out to drive-in customers in nothing flat.

Of course, those customers had the previous editions of the good stuff to reference—Like the issues that won American Whiskey of the Year in Jim Murray’s Whisky Bibles for 2014 and 2017.

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That’s actually milder than previous editions. Apparently 2020 is a special blend drawn from 100 different barrels holding premium spirits, which results in a melding of all the best tastes available, but it’s pure, uncut and unfiltered hooch. The tasting notes from Garrison Brothers’ website tell the story:

Deceptive aroma of firewater, firewood, and freshly cut cedar. Clears sinuses instantly. Unexpected sweet flavors of caramel candy, toasted figs, scorched molasses, toasted honey, plum jelly, creamy coffee liqueur, sugary cinnamon apple pie sugar, and crust. Gum puckering, tongue-numbing oily goodness. King-like Uber-bourbon.

In-person customers grabbing their Cowboy Bourbon in Texas will have to plan for it—just 1,000 bottles will be sold. 

Another 5,768 bottles of Cowboy Bourbon will be available in 35 states. 

The drive-thru sale happens on September 26, 2020. Go here to learn more: