Heaven Hill Is Bringing Back a Delicious Discontinued Bourbon

This 100-proof Kentucky hooch is making its triumphant return.


Maxim’s recent list of the best bottled-in-bond spirits may be getting another enticing entrant courtesy of Heaven Hill’s latest bourbon

The Bardstown, Kentucky distillery announced the launch of a 100-proof 7-Year-Old Bottled-in-Bond bourbon, one year after discontinuing its 6-Year-Bottled-in-Bond. Just know it’s now selling for $40 instead of the formerly dirt-cheap $15, but that’s a still a bargain for such a high-quality bourbon.


The newfangled bottle, isn’t just a year older, it also gets a slick new white-and-blue label featuring an etching of the original distillery and the same gold medallion emblazoned on the Heaven Hill 27-Year-Old.


Here’s more details about the Heaven Hill reboot courtesy of Men’s Journal

Before the six-year whiskey was discontinued, it was a Kentucky exclusive, available only in the Bluegrass State for years (and only intermittently so, as reports of its discontinuation popped up nearly every year for half of this decade). When it was around, it was regularly an underpriced, quietly appreciated treat for Kentuckians and anyone who was willing to travel there to buy alcohol.

The whiskey Heaven Hill has replaced it with is older, and though the price has increased, it will be available in eight of the 50 states, rather than just one.The states in question (which do not include Kentucky) are California, Texas, New York, Georgia, Florida, Illinois, South Carolina, and Colorado.

Find out why it’s worth that extra $25 when Heaven Hill 7-Year-Old Bottled-in-Bond bourbon goes on sale at select stores in October.