Here’s How To Win Free Miller Lite For Life

You and five friends have the chance to win gold “championship” rings and cold brews for the rest of your days.

Miller Lite

What’s more timeless than a cold and classic beer, surrounded by the pageantry of great friends and football? Not a whole lot, as it turns out, and that’s especially true after a 2020 football season devoid of fans and camaraderie.

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Miller Lite

Miller Lite is getting the gang back together again in the most fitting way possible, offering up the Miller Timeless Collection, an assortment of six old-school style, Miller-themed “championship” rings, plus the chance to win them for your crew.

Miller Lite

That’s not all fans get the chance to win, although the rings are admittedly quite sweet in their own right. Perhaps more importantly for thirsty football fans in need of some quality time with fellow rabid fans, the Miller Timeless Collection promo also gives your crew a chance to win free Miller Lite for life. In need of a cold one yet?

Miller Lite

Between the 10-karat gold rings (made with diamonds and other gems), and the promise of free Miller Lite, it’s an opportunity not to be missed. The rings, which blend classic elements like the Miller Lite logo and can detailing, are also built with a sensor that determines when others in your ring-wearing, legendary lineup are nearby, thus unlocking free Miller Lite.

What’s the catch? Well, you’ve got to enter to win the Miller Timeless Collection by posting a photo of you and your five most worthy Miller Lite fan-friends and football fanatics. Outline in the caption why you’re most deserving of the coveted collection and free, ice-cold Miller Lite.

Naturally, just as the details in these Miller Timeless rings are on-point, you’ve got to make sure you dot your “I’s” and cross your “T’s”: Be sure to follow and tag @MillerLite and use the tags #Contest and #MillerTimelessCollection.

From there, it’s up to the Miller Lite Team to look through the MVPs (Most Valuable Posts), with a winner set to be announced in 2022. If the promise of a lifetime keepsake isn’t enough to get you to round up your crew, how about an ice-cold beer? We’ll drink to that. 

Miller Lite