Here’s Why Spirits Collectors Are Paying Six Figures For This Rare Scotch Whisky

The first bottle of this exquisite 70-year-old expression already sold at auction for more than $100,000.

(The Glen Grant)

It’s an order of magnitude to capture decades of dedication and selfless public service, much less to distill that character (quite literally) down into a decanter. And as the boundaries of ultra-aged luxury Scotch soar to new heights seemingly by the month, The Glen Grant has a fitting, extremely rare tribute of its own to add to the conversation.

(The Glen Grant)

The Speyside distillery’s impressive “Devotion” luxury Scotch is a staggering 70-year-old single malt Scotch that would be jaw-dropping on its own, but its role as an homage to the late Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II is all the more touching.

And to make matters more incredible, each of the supremely exclusive seven decanters is housed in an astounding handcrafted sculpture, one that almost defies convention.

It gets even more elite from there. One of the seven decanters already sold at auction via Sotheby’s earlier this fall, fetching a handsome sum of more than $101,300, with proceeds going to support woodland preservation via the Royal Scottish Forestry Society.

(The Glen Grant)

The jewel-shaped decanter is designed with seven facets to celebrate Queen Elizabeth II’s seven decades at the head of the monarchy, while each decanter rests within its own sculpture crafted from a fallen elm tree found within the Glen Grant’s distillery gardens.

An engraving of Her Majesty’s favorite flower, the Lily of the Valley, even runs along the diameter of each sculpture.

(The Glen Grant)

The Scotch was launched stateside at an exclusive Miami Arts District event attended by Maxim earlier this fall.

One of the remaining six decanters and its accompanying sculpture served as the beating heart of the evening alongside other flagship Glen Grant releases (including its 12, 15 and 18-Year expressions).

(The Glen Grant)

As for the liquid within each of the hand-blown glass decanters making up the Devotion release? It was sourced from a single French oak cask seasoned with Oloroso sherry and filled in 1953.

It weighs in at 55.5 percent ABV, with rich chestnut color, a floral aroma tinged with honey sweetness, and notes of dry spice and dried fruit on the palate.

“Devotion was hand-selected for its lifetime of character achieved through exquisite maturation,” the distillery said.

(The Glen Grant)

Exclusive Scotch decanters heading to auction are always worth a closer look, particularly when one considers that only six remain of The Glen Grant Devotion.

“In the true spirit of The Glen Grant, we bring together the inspiring legacy of our story with the personal devotion of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, to realize this exquisite masterpiece,” said Dennis Malcolm OBE, The Glen Grant Master Distiller.

“To be devoted is to show unwavering loyalty and love to something you care for deeply, which sits at the heart of our whisky-making philosophy, as well as shining through with our creative collaborators.”

(The Glen Grant)

With the first bottle of The Glen Grant Devotion off the market, the question remains: Who might be fortunate enough to secure one of just six remaining masterpieces from the Speyside distillery? It’s anyone’s guess, but what’s clear is The Glen Grant’s true devotion and passion should never be doubted.