Hooters Will Give Out Free Wings Whenever NASCAR Driver Chase Elliott Wins This Year

Go Chase, go!


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NASCAR will kick off its 2018 season with the Daytona 500 this weekend and, if you don’t have a driver you’ll be rooting for, you do now. 

Chase Elliott, the guy in the Hooters car, is the guy you want to win. Because if he does, Hooters is giving away free food. 

For its latest novel promotion, the restaurant announced that every time Elliott wins a NASCAR Cup Series race, fan will be able to get 10 free boneless wings. All they have to do is buy 10 wings on the Monday after race day.


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But Elliott doesn’t have to win for you to win. If he finishes in the top 10, Hooters is giving away fried pickles with the purchase of a drink. 


Hooters did a similar promotion last year, and Elliott helped fans cash in on 12 free orders of fried pickles. The 22-year-old didn’t manage to win any races though—something he hopes to correct this year. 

It’s the next logical step for a driver who some expect to emerge as the face of NASCAR.

“I really think Chase Elliott is our biggest tie to our grassroots NASCAR fan,” Kevin Harvick recently said. “I’ve said this a number of times, but I feel like he’s one of the most important ingredients in what NASCAR racing does going forward because his family name.”

Elliott is the son of former NASCAR Bill Elliott, who’s now got two big reasons to root for his son: pride and free food.