How to Watch, Buy and Taste Your Favorite Spirits With Spirits Network

This streaming subscription service blends stellar original programming with the finest whiskies, tequilas, and other great spirits for a one-of-a-kind shopping experience.
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As we slowly march out of our collective quarantine, having seen absolutely everything worth watching on the streaming services we've been binging on, some of us may discover that our favorite bars have either been shuttered or emptied out by the pandemic. That's where Spirits Network comes in. On a mission to watch, buy and taste on any device, Spirits Network is a free streaming subscription service dedicated to the exquisite world of fine spirits.

Available on mobile, OTT, and online, Spirits Network merges first-in-class original programming with the finest whiskies, tequilas, and other great spirits for a one-of-a-kind shopping experience. Membership is free to join, and those who do will be treated to cocktail tutorials, bourbon showdowns, scientific deep dives, and new worlds to discover right inside your glass. Spirits Network also allows members to shop the best bottles from any device and get them delivered straight to their door.

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Spirits Network hosts some of the biggest names in the spirits business as they step in front of the camera to share their passions and their bottles. Whether it is Tara Fougner in Tales from the Cask learning about the Legendary Don Julio, Lifestyle Editor-at-Large Marisel Salazar teaching us the finer points of pairing great food with great drinks in United States of Spirits, or learning all about the details of great whiskies and how to best appreciate them in Spirits for Beginners, by our very own Chief Curator, Flavien Desoblin.

Spirits Network is unique in its ability to purchase spirits as you watch these original shows, from the comfort of your home and get them delivered directly to your door. Perhaps, you are brushing up on your home entertaining skills with Peggy Noe Stevens on her show, Peggy Noes Best, and you get that feeling to make her signature Manhattan, you can find the bourbon, vermouth, and cocktail bitters just one click away without ever leaving the platform.

Enthusiast Membership

Enthusiast Membership

If that wasn’t enough to elevate your drinking, Spirits Network offers premium memberships, providing a more personalized experience. The biggest perk of these premium memberships is access to its curation team, headed up by Flavien Desoblin, the owner of famed institutions Brandy Library and Copper & Oak, both in New York City. The curation team hand-selects a bottle of premium spirits, based around your submitted individualized flavor profile, to be delivered to your door every month.

Connoisseur Membership

Connoisseur Membership

Subscription service bottles are offered at two levels. For the passionate beginner, the Enthusiast Membership delivers a monthly 750ml bottle of premium spirits as well as other periodic gifts and surprises and a quarterly artisanal gift box containing spirits accouterments and other surprises to keep your passions driving forward. For more advanced aficionados, The Connoisseur Membership delivers Ultra-Premium spirits with free shipping and exclusive offers, events and product pre-sales.Spirits Network has also begun to incorporate wine offerings into the on-demand platform to better accommodate all consumers. 

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