Jim Beam Black Gets 7-Year Age Statement & Bottle Redesign

Back in Black.

(Jim Beam)

An encore of sorts is often in order for the best whiskey on the market, usually by way of another round. What the latest whiskey from Jim Beam proposes is both a reintroduction and an encore of sorts, as Jim Beam Black returns with a triumphant swagger to shelves and bar carts.

The revamped Jim Beam Black now boasts a seven-year age statement, visible first and foremost on an eye-catching black-and-gold label adorning the company’s signature bottle.

And while it’s not quite in the same lane as Jim Beam American single malt, for instance, it’s a distinctly rich and delicious addition to many a cocktail or rocks glass.

(James B. Beam Distilling Co.)

Baking spice, oak and vanilla adorn each sip, with a depth that delivers a solid backbone to everything from a Highball to an Old Fashioned.

(James B. Beam Distilling Co.)

The famed distiller took a good, long look at the liquid (seven years’ worth, to be exact) and revamped what was previously its 8-year-old Black Label whiskey, which was discontinued back in 2015.

“With each sip, you’re experiencing seven years of careful maturation and a tradition that has been passed down for over two centuries,” said 7th & 8th Generation Master Distillers Fred and Freddie Noe. “We’ve put our heart and soul into creating this bourbon, and we believe it represents the very best of what Jim Beam has to offer. It’s a testament to our commitment to quality and craftsmanship.”

(James B. Beam Distilling Co.)

Seven years in white oak barrels lent itself to a spirit with “layers of complexity and depth,” said Rashidi Hodari, Managing Director, James B. Beam Distilling Company.

Age statement, handsome new label and all, Jim Beam Black remains a new-and-improved, no-nonsense whiskey that punches above its weight.

The even better news is, it’s priced at an extremely affordable $24.99 via sites like ReserveBar, and your bar cart is more than deserving of a bottle.