Jim Beam Serves Up Highball Canned Whiskey Cocktails

Available in Bourbon & Seltzer and Bourbon & Ginger Ale.

Jim Beam Packaging Closeup
Jim Beam

It just got seriously easy to enjoy the famed refreshment of a classic Jim Beam Highball this spring and summer. The famed bourbon distiller just launched a cooler-ready Jim Beam Highball To-Go, available in two flavorful varieties for when you’re not mixing up a cocktail at your home bar.

Jim Beam

The traditional Jim Beam Highball, enjoyed with ginger ale or carbonated soda, can already be customized in a Highball glass with Jim Beam Apple or Jim Beam Citrus, but it’s now available in a seriously crushable slender can. Consider it a more refined, more flavorful alternative to coolers overflowing with hard seltzer or macro beer.

Now, we love an ice-cold can of beer as much as the next beachgoer, but Jim Beam’s Highball To Go dials in all the flavor a much-loved cocktail when you want to switch things up a bit.

Jim Beam

The Jim Beam Classic Highball To-Go blends a touch of citrus with Jim Beam bourbon and bubbly seltzer, all the better to one-up your buddies with something out of left field (in a great way).

We recommend picking up a classic four-pack for a suggested retail price of $9.99, and for good measure, try out the Jim Beam and Ginger Highball in a slim 355ml can.

Crisp ginger ale meets oak and vanilla alongside Jim Beam’s famed bourbon, and it’ll go down so smooth, you just might want to get more than one four-pack (the name of the game is responsibility). Once your guests realize you’ve stepped up your cocktail cooler game, there’s no going back this season.