Jim Beam’s Latest Little Book Premium Whiskey Is a Bold Blend of Aged Bourbons and Rye

The Kentucky distillery’s $125 bottle clocks in at 116.8 proof.

Jim Beam

Jim Beam’s latest entry in its top-shelf Little Book lineup is a bold new blend of aged whiskies that packs a serious punch. 

For each of the past five years, eight-generation distiller Freddie Noe has carefully crafted a custom expression featuring the Kentucky distillery’s best grain spirits. The latest release, titled Little Book Chapter 5: The Invitation, clocks in at 116.8 proof—or 58.4 percent ABV. 

Noe blended four whiskies of different ages, beginning with a 2-year bourbon finished at a low proof that  contributes a creamy mouthfeel and sweet grain flavor. A 3-year all-rye whiskey adds peppery notes and a hint of nuttiness. 

Another bourbon, aged 5 years, brings notes of vanilla and a corn sweetness on the nose. The 5-year is key, as it creates congruity between the young whiskies and the final, most complex 15-year-old bourbon that rounds out The Invitation. 

Little Book’s tasting notes describe “flavors of caramel and toasted bread, with
brown sugar undertones and a touch of sweetness” that are best enjoyed neat or on the rocks. 

Priced from $124.99, Little book Chapter 5: The Invitation will be available in limited quantities this month.