Jim Beam Launches Orange-Flavored Whiskey

That classic Kentucky bourbon gets a citrus infusion for summer.

Jim Beam

Your summer and your bar cart are getting a citrus infusion courtesy of new Jim Beam Orange. On the heels of the Jim Beam Canned Highball release, the lauded distiller is shaking things up with even more intoxicating refreshment for the warmer months ahead.

Jim Beam Orange revamps the classic Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey by blending orange notes with oak, vanilla, and characteristic light char notes with finishing notes of citrus peel. The pleasing aroma (think juicy orange, fresh citrus zest and vanilla, plus oak) is also primed to ring in summer.

Jim Beam

It’s best enjoyed (responsibly, of course) in a Highball cocktail or among friends, shot glasses all around. The release of Jim Beam Orange amps up the distiller’s profile of flavored whiskey even more, joining Jim Beam Vanilla, Jim Beam Peach and others. Each would be a worthy addition to a well-stocked bar cart, or to your list of provisions to bring on a summer weekend cabin getaway.

To get the Highball effect, pair Jim Beam Orange with soda water, and consider your cocktail game ready for summer in a splash. Better still, bring along Jim Beam Orange to craft your own cocktails if you prefer the process over a canned Jim Beam Highball.

Those who are newer to the field of bourbon and looking for a way to ease into the hobby will likely find Jim Beam has something for even the most discerning palette. After all, what pairs better with summer’s heat than fresh citrus?

It gets even better for whiskey aficionados and newfound fans of the category. The best part is perhaps the unique combination of affordability and quality: Jim Beam Orange retails for just $15.99 nationwide.