Johnnie Walker Releases New ‘Game of Thrones’ Scotch Whiskies

The show may be over, but more GoT-themed scotch is coming.

HBO/Johnnie Walker

Game of Thrones is gone, but is anyone who followed the show for years really over it yet? If not, then Johnnie Walker has you covered with a new pair of GoT whiskies: A Song of Ice Blended Scotch Whisky and (of course) A Song of Fire.

This branded hooch comes in a pair of beautifully-designed Thrones-themed bottles that reflect the show’s dramatic intensity. 

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A Song of Ice bears a snowy direwolf on the bottle and the blend is made up of single malts from northern Scotland distilleries. A Song of Fire isn’t some gimmicky red-hot Fireball knockoff like the dramatic bottle might suggest. It’s a smoky blend out of Scotland’s Caol Ila and the art is a fierce-looking dragon worthy of guarding Queen Daenerys herself. If she were still with us, that is. 

Ice and Fire are best enjoyed in different ways. With a clean, bright taste, A Song of Ice is perfect on the rocks. A Song of Fire has spicy notes and probably best taken with just a splash of water or neat. 

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A Song of Ice and A Song of Fire are plenty affordable at $43 each, or $86 when ordered together

Put them together with a bottle of White Walker as seen in the Insta photo above, and you’ve got one hell of a good Labor Day weekend Thrones re-watch party. Those controversial final episodes might not seem so bad after all.