The Largest Private Whisky Collection In the World Is Now Up for Auction

Lovers of fine whisky and scotch can now place their bids.

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Whisky Auctioneer (video still)

Richard Gooding was a Denver businessman who prior to his death in 2014 spent more than 20 years assembling acquiring more than 3,900 bottles of fine whisky from around the world. 

Now nearly 1,950 bottles of Gooding’s “Perfect Collection,” are going up for sale via Scotland’s Whisky Auctioneer. Check out a video sneak peek here:

More details from Forbes spirits writer Felipe Schrieberg:

When I spoke with him, Whisky Auctioneer founder Iain McClune was understandably excited about what was going to be put on offer.

“It’s the single largest individual collection ever to be brought to auction. It’s the largest in terms of volume, and in value. It’s the largest collection of Bowmore, Springbank, and Macallan bottles. It’s a momentous occasion.”

The Perfect Collection could net a record $10 million for the whole thing when all is said and done. As of February 10th, this Macallan 1926 Valerio Adami 60-Year-Old alone had 32 bids and the price stood at the USD equivalent of $1,032,932.

This first auction began February 7, 2020, and it will end at 7:00 PM (GMT) or 2:00 PM EST on February 17th.

If you miss out on a chance to purchase something like this Ardbeg 1974 Double Barrel or a bottle of Springbank 1973 Cadenhead’s 18-Year-Old Rum Butt, don’t worry—The Perfect Collection: Part Two will be up for bids beginning April 10 through April 20, 2020.